Ghana 2017

Reaching Our Relatives In Ghana 

This project meant alot to me. This would be the first time going back to Ghana since I was 7 years old. I still remember the pink house that I was raised in Kokomlemle. But this time I wouldnt be preparing for the usual vacation experience in the capital city of Accra. I wanted my donation to be in the same town where my mother was born, Akim Oda, Ghana.
It was July of 2017 when we made up our minds to donate school supplies to an underpriviliged school in Ghana. The prerequisites for selection included lack of resources and limited access to information. With the help of my partner Nana Konadu, founder of Nana's Project, I identified the oldest school in the city of Oda, Chia Primary Methodist School A/B.
So it began.......

​​Photo: View of One SIde of The Main Campus Before Renovation

Although I am the trailblazer and the visionary, I could not have made this mission come to fruition on my own. Distant Relatives started with my sisters Sharleen and Priscilla. In the process of developing a plan of action, I assembled a  meeting in order to share my vision with those closest to me. After hearing my proposal, they all were aboard: Stewart Cornelius, Messai Belayneh, Jason Akyea, Jeffrey Asomaning, Jojo Owusu, Chris Owusu, Khadija Agyei, George Owusu, Wallace Yeboah, Derrick Amenyeador, Michael Oguamena, Richard Akyea, Jason Akyea, Alfred Boakye, Andy Cadet, Rony Germain, Melissa Akuoko and Enoch Antwi.

We created a social media account, and began rendering support from family and friends. An ample amount of school supplies were donated from my church, Christ Gospel.  As the departing time drew near,  I received a video of another school located in the Volta Region of Ghana. Because we received so much support, we  decided to make an additional donation of school supplies in another region of Ghana. We selected  Seva AME Zion Primary School, located by in the Volta Region. After seeing the poor physical infrastructure of the school, and the horrific learning conditions, there was no way I could give a donation while students are still forced to learn in such an environemnt. The town of Seva is plagued with extreme poverty. It rest in the Keta Lagoon, surrounded by salty water. The school receives little to no assistance from the government. Most of the teachers are volunteers and can be as young as sixteen years of age. Students of different grade levels are forced to share classrooms, and the library is used as a storage for old desk.

​We started a GoFundMe account and began petitioning for support and donations. With the help of gracious individuals, we raised close to $5000. I connected with a family friend who relocated back to Ghana 5 years ago, Ben Darko. Ben is the owner of Benlee Trading, as well as a site surveyor. He would act as  our consultant, site supervisor, as well as the man on the ground. 

What started as an honest donation, turned into a movement and thus, The Distant Relatives Project was founded.

We were able to renovate the main primary block of the school. Students would now  be separated according to grade level and not be forced to share classrooms. A library acting as a storage and filled with damaged desk, could now be used to house literature and technology.
We were able to install doors and windows that once never existed. We renovated the foundation and sanded/painted all of the walls. We also, installed electricity and outlets. The students now have the abillty to study at night. 


Distant Relatives' ultimate goal is to build an educational institution in Ghana that matches both the physical standards and educational curriculum as that of the United Statesof international higher learning. We would like to engineer a campus that challenges the minds that will change tomorrow, and eventually the nation of Ghana. Our goal is to expose disadvantaged children to information, tools, resources, that they once were not privileged to have. We would like to infuse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into the school systems located in disadvantaged communities.

​The  Distant Relatives Project is currently funded by the Executive Board of the organization. We do not receive any form of government subsidies or grants. All of our initiatives are funded by people who have the heart to serve others and are passionate about philanthropy. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has contributed to helping us accomplish our mission, which means so much more to the people of Seva. Without your donations and support we would not be able to make the change we have been able to thus far. We thank you and truly appreciate all of your help!

Photo: Progress After 3 months of renovation

Photo: Students meeting the CEO of DIstant Relatives during the first visit to Seva AME Zion Primary School.

​Ghana 2018

Mber Dane Primary School
Sekondi Takarodi, Ghana

We have selected our next school where we hope to renovate. Mber Dane school is located in Sekondi Takarodi Ghana (Western Region)

As you can see from the photos, the school lacks infrastructure, plumbing, and electricity. The school is located in a farming community which has a population of about 700 people. The school lacks foundation, walls, commodes, and does not meet up to the standards of a suitable learning environment. Where does the inspiration derive to learn? when the environment lacks vision and opportunity, how can you encourage a child to persevere?

Distant Relatives will be in Ghana from December 20th to Janauary 15th 2019. We are committing to donating school supplies and a computer lab to the school. We will also begin the renovation process of the school's infrastructure.

​If you would like to help us see this dream come to fruition, please kindly donate. None of our humanitarian efforts are possible with out the support of kind donors. This year, we are taking our 'Feed The Homeless' project to Ghana, We encourage you to join us on this mission and explore the beauty of Ghana, and help change the lives of many people. Thank you for your support of the Distant Relatives Project
                                                                           - William Asiedu
​                                                                                     CEO