First Inaugural Gala
On June 6, 2018, we held our first inaugural fundraiser gala at SAX Restaurant and Lounge, in Washington D.C. This event was an opportunity to showcase what we have accomplished in less than a year, an introduction to our newly inducted board members, as well as a night filled with fellowship, networking, and live entertainment. Because of the kind donations of our guest, we were able to raise enough money to  pay for the 40-ft freight container, which will hold the supplies being shipped to Ghana this year.  We truly thank you for your continued support!
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Feeding Our Relatives
Every last Saturday of each month, we have committed to feeding our homeless relatives in Washington D.C. at Franklin Square Park. This project features a host of events including live catering, free haircuts, a toiletry dispensary, health screenings and education, and an opportunity to commune with people who come from a different experience. This mission is about more than providing meals. It is about creating opportunity for the less fortunate, and building relationships. Through this consisten event we have developed relationships with the homeless, and even identify each other by name. If you are intereseted in volunteering or donating to the 'Feed The Homeless' inititaitve, please contact us today!
The Distant Relatives
Project Vacation

Kingston, Jamaica 
This past August we took a team outing to Ocho Rios Jamaica. While there we  coordinated community serive activities in Kingston, Jamaica. We visited Central Branch All Age School, located in the capital city of Kingston. We helped prepared 500 students in the Orange Villa Community for the upcoming school year. This itenirary includes 1000 composition books, 2000 pens, 2000 pencils, dry erase boards, crayons, and other essential learning tools. Special tablets were given to the top performing students as a symbol and reminder that hard work will be rewarded. Distant Relatives helped clean  the campus, with ambitions to start the renovation process. If you would like to join us on our next trip, please contact us today!