Feeding Relatives In D.C.

Helping our Relatives

Feeding the homeless is more than about serving hot meals to the hungry. It's about connecting with the people, sharing in their experience, and assisting them in elevating from their circumstances.

Every last Saturday of each month, we host an event called "Feeding Our Relatives". at Franklin Square Park; in Washington D.C. The objective of this event is to cater to the homeless and instill a sense of hope and confidence, even while enduring daily challenges. This event is also a time for healing and education, as we provide acess to licensed therapist and teach survival tactivs. We involve the public by soliciting volunteers to come out and serve out of love. In just 4 months, we have had over 500 volunteers from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Homeless people are often stereotyped as being lazy and uneducated. Through countless encounters during our events, we have come to learn that this is a false narrative. Many of the people we engage are escaping domestic violence situations and also, returning veterans who are battling mental illnesses. 

This above video is a testament of one of our dear relatives who frequently visits our events. As you can see from this woman's testitmony, the support given to host these events truly allows for life changing experiences. We ask that you continue to support us as we strive to improve the lives of the less fortuante, and minimize the poverty rate in Washington D.C. 

The first step is to provide a meal. What better way to meet someone then to greet them with a hot meal. At the next event, you may learn their name and where they are from. Overtime, a bond of trust is developed and these individuals share their lives and experiences with you.
Through continuous engagements we are able to establish real relationships and develop a bond with the homeless. We provide clothing and seek to assist in finding employment. Distant Relatives is also concerned about the mental health and wellness of the people we assist. We are fortunate to have members who are nurses, licensed practicioners, licensed therapist and medical students. At our events, assemble health booths where we educate the homeless on survival tactis and ways to stay healthy. We provide over all health consultations and blood pressure screenings. Each individual leaves with a Distant Relatives gift bag filled with toiletries, socks, and a t-shirt. Please continue to support our mission and help us to eliminate poverty in Washington D.C and Baltimore.

With the support of our community, we can accomplish much greater. This event will be hosted monthly and we would appreciate any donation of supplies and/or monetarily to help us to continue to finance this event; and provide resources for our homeless relatives. We are a group of regular citizens who combine our hard-earned money out of love, to prepare food for the marginalized in our community. How much greater can we accomplish with the support of the public and local businesses. The Distant Relatives Project does not receive any government subsidies or grants. If you would like to support our mission, please dontae today!

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